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.about us.

What is 'csiny20in20'?

If you join csiny20in20, you have to make 20 icons within 20 days.

You'll have to make 10 icons based on different themes (that will change every challenge), 5 icons for a category (that will change every challenge) and 5 icons based on your own choices (artist choice).

At the end of the contest, when all entries got posted, you'll vote for your favourites in a poll. There will be first, second and third place winners for each theme and in each category.



Your icons have to meet the LJ standards; no bigger than 100x100 or 40 kb.

Please only enter stillness icons; animated icons aren't allowed.

You may post your icons to your own LJ or to the community. Please post them in a table and under a LJ cut. Post three icons as preview. If you choose to post them in your own LJ and link to it, please make it public so the members are able to access them.

Please only hand in icons you made specifically for this challenge. Please only use your own work; no stealing.

If you have any questions, leave a comment here.

csiny20in20 is a challenge based on, you guessed it, CSI:NY. When sign up's start, you have to make a claim; you can pick a character/pairing/friendship couple/season/episode. As this challenge is limited to one show, you can also claim one of the actors/actresses. If you do so, you may also use pictures of their other works (other tv shows, movies...). Note: Let's limit the characters used for character/pairing/friendship pairing claims to main cast and recurring characters (means no one who appeared in less than 5 episodes).

If you claim two characters (like in a pairing), both characters must appear in the theme set, but they don't always have to be together in the icons; it's okay if only one of them is used for a theme. In the category set and the artist choice set though, both characters have to be together in all of your icons.

In csiny20in20, multiple people can make the same claim, and you can also use the same claim round after round if you want to (of course it's recommended to try different claims so you can try different characters/ships etc). Just let me know what you claim so I can add it to the list of participants.

After the sign up's close, you have 20 days to make your icons. After that, the votings will start. At this time, sign up's for the next round will begin.

.what else?.

What else?

The winners of the challenges will receive banners for their work. If you want, you can also get a participant banner.

If you want to make banners for winners and participants, please pm coolceruleanblu. You'll be credited in our profile.

If you want to hand in fanarts to make our community more beautiful (such as icons, headers, banners, etc), feel free to pm coolceruleanblu. You'll be credited in our profile.

Current timeline:

Round 03: Sign Up


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New York's Angels, Carmine Giovinazzo Fans

If you want to affiliate, pm coolceruleanblu

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